Tooley Street in London has a rich history. This street is home to a number of famous buildings and landmarks. This famous street located in both central and south London. This street connects the London Bridge to the St. Saviour’s Dock. It also runs past Tower River as well as River Thames.tooleystr

Tooley Street was once known as St. Olave Street which was recorded as royal street which was a public highway. The street was later changed to Tooney because there was corruption of the Church of St. Olave. In 1861 there was a large fire on this street. The Cotton Wharf warehouse caught fire and it burned for a period of two days. Many buildings on this street ended up burning and it was two weeks before all of the sparks were officially out. This was one of the largest fires to happen in London during the 19th century. After this fire the insurance companies raised their rates for the remaining buildings. The Metropolitan Fire Brigade Act was then passed in 1865 and the fire service was funded by the public.

This street is home to Hay’s Wharf. This wharf is on the south side of the Pool of London. During the 1980s the dock was rebuilt and is now a shopping center that is called Hay’s Galleria and is also attached to the Shackleton House.

The London Bridge road is improving and increasing in this area. In 2008 there were new developments along this street and there was even a river created. In this time the new civic centre also opened which is a modern office building. The Shipright’s Arm is another industrial building. It has an entire wall that is made out of tile depicting a ship being built. There are a number of famous playhouses and theatres on this street. The Unicorn Theatre has shown for young people and is always busy.

Tooley Street is one of the busiest and most well known streets in the world. There is so much to do and see on this street and there is something for people with diverse interests to share.