London is a big city where anyone can pick for holiday resorts, anniversaries and other special parties for a loved one. London is referred to as the city of love and has many romantic restaurants, streets and sky-high attractions as well as perfect spots for romance and it is also easy to get romantic while in London One will Forget about other places like Paris and Europe the moment they will visit London for a single holiday. When one is planning for birthdays, weddings, valentines and dinner London has always had the best venues one can always choose. The are many romantic destinations in the city of London such as the ones listed below;

St. Pancras station

This is a perfect place for a couple to kiss as it brings a little romance. It is the most beautiful place in London with a sculpture of a couple embracing.

Kynance mews

There are many lanes in London where a couple can take their evening walk but people have realized that the kynance mews is the perfect romantic spot for a nice evening walk.

Connaught hotel

Most couples have fallen in love with this hotel since the name alone shows that luxury can be found from that specific hotel as luxury is one of the ideas that a couple thinks of when in such a place. They serve classic cocktails, perfect glasses of champagnes and to make it best place, it has a secluded, mysterious air to it.

St. Paul’s cathedral

Just like many other couples, there has been nothing interesting like whispering many sweet nothings into each other’s ears. At St. Paul’s cathedral, couples can whisper words from opposite sides but still hear each other’s words clearly. Marriages according to the Rites of the Church of England take place in the Chapel of The Order of the British Empire located in the crypt of St Paul’s, subject to a successful application for a Special License granted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. So you may not have a wedding there but you can always see some presents for 6 year anniversary at if that can be some kind of consolation.

Have a virtual tour in the cathedral

Hill Notting

Love can always break and people are likely to go separate ways when such a thing happens. When you love one so much and you want to win back their love and get a second chance, you can always imagine scenarios to win him or her back. We are always sure to win our love back the moment we visit the notting hills as it is the most romantic places you can visit with your ex.

Queen Mary’s garden

Roses are and are always the perfect flowers to tell that someone special that you love and care for the deeply from your heart. If a bouquet is not enough for a couple queen Mary’s garden has many flowers and is the most romantic place for romance and a stroll for a stroll through a large number of flowers.

To express love is the best thing you can do to a loved one. Try treating them special from other people by exposing them to other places they are always wishing to visit but they have never gone to before. A couple should always give themselves time to share and discuss heart matters when they are alone away from people who can inconvenience them. They should always not insist on common places that they have been visiting but explore to know some of the hidden parts of the world and experience the adventure of other places.